Bresciangrana was founded on January 1st, 1997, by two companies: CIPAB (Consorzio Interaziendale Produttori Agricoli Bresciani) and Caseificio Rossini. Caseificio Rossini was located in Cignano di Offlaga (BS), Via Gambaresca 6, and was mainly dedicated to the production of soft cheeses, but it also had a department where it produced Grana Padano, with a seasoning warehouse of about 5500 wheels and six boilers for cheese production. As this part of the structure was unused, CIPAB asked Rossini to create a new company to be able to produce Grana Padano in this latter department. This marked the beginning of Bresciangrana’s journey, established with 50% of CIPAB associates and 50% of Rossini’s members. For about 6 years the company went on producing about 30 wheels a day in this facility.