In March 2020, 5 new packaging lines became operational in a dedicated department, for grated, flakes, cubes, […]
In August 2014, a new packaging department was opened, dedicated to small supplies.
In February 2013 a new area was acquired for future expansion, adjacent to the provincial road n. […]
A new serum concentration department was opened in November 2012.
On May 29, 2012 at 1:00 p.m., the second of the earthquake’s tremors with epicenter in Emilia-Romagna […]
In February 2012, Bresciangrana acquired at auction the adjacent Caseificio Rossini and incorporated it to the headquarters, […]
In 2007, Caseificio Rossini, due to investment needs and the decision of focusing more on the production […]
According to the financing of the then development plan of the Lombardy Region, concerning the community funds of measure 1.G, the decision to build a new dairy was made.